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Honda hints at exciting new car set to deliver 'ultimate driving pleasure': 'How many years until I can buy one?'

Honda added that the car would "enable the driver to experience the pure joy of driving."

Honda added that the car would “enable the driver to experience the pure joy of driving.”

Photo Credit: Honda

Japanese automaker Honda has pledged to release 30 electric vehicle models globally by the end of the decade, and one of those new models is set to make its debut at the Japan Mobility Show in late October, according to reporting by Electrek.

Possibly hoping to build suspense, Honda has, so far, offered extremely sparse details about the new unnamed model, which is currently described on an official site as "Honda Specialty Sports Concept." 

However, the automaker did reveal that representing "Honda's continuous pursuit of the 'joy of driving,'" the Specialty Sports Concept embodies Honda's universal sports mindset and distinctive characteristics.

Honda added that the car would "enable the driver to experience the pure joy of driving."

In short, it will definitely be a car that can be driven.

And, as Honda's technical consultant Kotaro Yamamoto explained to Electrek, the new EV could also sport the Type R badge, which is a performance specification that Honda utilizes for a select few elite cars.

"Type R stands for racing," Yamamoto told the outlet. "It's a pleasure transported. An electric car can deliver this, and a Type R is not obliged to use a combustion engine. Even in a fully electric society, there will still be Type Rs delivering ultimate driving pleasure."

In order to deliver on its promised 30 EV models by the end of the decade, Honda does need to get moving — though the company was among the first to produce a hybrid vehicle, it has yet to release a fully battery electric vehicle, with its first, the 2024 Honda Prologue, set to be released sometime next year. Acura (Honda's luxury car brand) is also set to release an all-electric SUV next year.

The company has other electric car projects in the works, as well, having recently partnered with Sony to create an electric car-slash-video game console that is supposed to be released in 2026, and sounds potentially ideal for drivers with children who need to be kept entertained. 

Honda also announced recently that it would be including North American Charging Standard ports on all of its EV models, along with the more standard Combined Charging System ports. NACS is Tesla's proprietary charging system, which other brands are now adding to their cars to ensure that they will be compatible with Tesla's Supercharger network.

The news of the Honda Specialty Sports Concept piqued the interest of some Electrek commenters.

"How many years until I can buy one?" wrote one commenter.

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