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Here on Earth July 27, 2022: Good climate news to celebrate

Kansas betting on electric vehicles, Delaware offering free solar panels, and whales making a comeback — here's your weekly dose of climate news to celebrate.

Positive climate news to celebrate this week, July 27, 2022

Progress in protecting our planet can be seen this month from Kansas to Delaware to the waters of Antarctica. 

Companies, governments, and people here on Earth are constantly working toward — and succeeding in — creating a cooler future for us all.

Here are three huge wins to celebrate:


Kansas is set to be an electric vehicle battery hub


DeSoto, Kansas, will soon be getting a $4 billion electric vehicle (EV) battery factory. Panasonic selected Kansas as the site of its new factory to help make owning an EV a reality for many more Americans. The new factory will employ about 4,000 people, likely paying far above the state's average wage. It's a win for the local economy of DeSoto, for the people of Kansas, and for the planet.


Delaware is offering free solar panels for low-income residents


In an effort to help low-income Delawareans overcome the upfront costs of installing solar panels, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is rolling out a new program to provide free installation. The program will also offer moderate-income Delawareans up to 70% off on installing solar arrays. Pilot programs like these are crucial for helping all communities access the benefits of clean and cheap energy. If the program is successful, it may be expanded to help even more residents get solar arrays.


Vulnerable fin whales are making a massive comeback


In the 1900s, fin whales were almost hunted to extinction, with about 99% removed from their natural habitats. But now scientists are seeing huge pods of these whales return to the waters around Antarctica. One pod spotted in the Southern Ocean contained about 150 of these gentle giants. This is not just good news for the whales. It turns out, these animals, which can grow to up to 80 feet, can help keep the planet cool, too! Because they support communities of algae that absorb harmful carbon pollution, fin whales can make a mammoth difference.

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