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Google makes record-breaking deal with revolutionary energy projects — here's why other corporations should follow suit

This landmark deal proves that everyday choices by big companies can make a difference.

This landmark deal proves that everyday choices by big companies can make a difference.

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Carbon-cutting solutions are all around us. We just need to know where to look.

The latest is an exciting new renewable energy agreement between Google and offshore wind farms in the Netherlands. This record-breaking clean power purchase has the potential to turn Google's energy supply green and reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

By agreeing to use 478 megawatts of energy from new Crosswind and Ecowende wind projects, Google is making waves in clean energy. The size of the contract demonstrates that major corporations are excited to do business in a climate-conscious way.

This landmark deal proves that everyday choices by big companies can drive solutions for climate pollution. It also accelerates the global transition toward renewable energy.

As the supply of clean power grows, energy sources become more affordable and accessible for households, too. From switching your home's power source to choosing products with less packaging, your principles steer markets.

Like Google, you can make green energy and sustainability an ambition in your life. Support businesses walking the walk so more follow suit. With hope, optimism, and dogged collective determination, a brighter future is within reach.

This massive investment in offshore wind is something to celebrate. It means cleaner air, climate progress, and a model for other industries to follow. So next time you open up a Google search, know that increasingly that power behind the screen is good for the planet, too.

Who said climate optimism is dead? For Google, it's blowing in the wind.

As Matt Brittin, president of Google in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, said in a statement: "At Google, we know that climate change is top of mind for many of our users, with search interest for 'energy crisis' hitting an all-time high in 2023. That's why we are committed to developing sustainable solutions for our users, businesses, governments, and our own operations.

"Our ambition to operate on carbon-free energy around the clock by 2030 requires clean energy solutions in every grid where we operate."

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