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Manufacturer becomes world's largest solar-roofing producer with new nailable solar shingle factory: 'A very competitive product'

"The overall cost of my roof with the solar was surprisingly affordable."

"The overall cost of my roof with the solar was surprisingly affordable."

Photo Credit: GAF Energy

GAF Energy is making major headway in the solar industry by becoming the world's "largest producer of solar roofing," according to the company and a recent article published in Electrek. 

In January 2022, the company released the world's first Timberline Solar Energy Shingle, which replaces the panels or heavy tiles traditionally used for solar roofing. The new nailable shingle roofing was designed to better blend into a home's aesthetic and to withstand winds up to 130 miles per hour.

To support the growing demand for the new solar singles, the company built a 450,000-square-foot factory in Georgetown, Texas. The new factory is expected to employ more than 240 people and raise the total production of its solar shingles to 300 megawatts annually, making GAF Energy the largest producer of solar roofing, as Electrek reported.

GAF Energy offers cost-effective solar solutions, claiming the Timberline Solar shingle is about half the price of a Tesla solar roof. 

"I'm glad GAF has a very competitive product," responded one reader.

Switching to solar panels can help lower the cost of energy in your area while also decreasing your monthly utility bill over time.

Solar roofing and other forms of renewable energy, such as wind and hydroenergy, also help reduce the amount of planet-warming gases that end up in the atmosphere. Non-renewable forms of energy release harmful pollutants that contribute to the globe's rising temperatures. 

One of the main environmental benefits of solar panels is their low carbon impact while producing electricity. In fact, after 25 years, the average solar panel system offsets about 200,000 pounds of harmful carbon pollution by replacing dirty-fuel-powered electricity production. By installing solar panels, you can help create a cleaner, more sustainable future. 

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"The overall cost of my roof with the solar was surprisingly affordable," said GAF customer Ryan B. "Having the same installer for both the shingles and solar simplified the installation process."

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