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This may be the easiest way yet to swap your old, unwanted clothes for credit to purchase brand new gear

"Send your old crap back for recycling and your Closet Cash can be immediately used on new stuff."

Company committed to recycling old clothes

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Americans have a lot of clothes. And while we should celebrate having great senses of style, the fashion choices we make often create a lot of waste — almost 85% of textiles find their way into landfills, with the average American creating close to 80 pounds of textile waste each year. 

Not only is that a lot of cash thrown away, but this wasteful habit also fills up our landfills and pollutes our Earth, contributing to its overheating. But one fashion brand is on a mission to change that. 

For Days wants to take all your old clothes and recycle them into new items. And it doesn't matter how beaten up the clothes are or what they look like — the company is committed to recycling them.


For Days has made the recycling process as easy as possible, so that recycling your unwanted clothes doesn't have to be a chore. Just order one of the For Days "Take Back Bags," slap on the prepaid label, and send it right back! 

Each bag costs $20, and in return, the company will reward you with $20 in "Closet Cash" so that you can shop the site for new, sustainably made clothing that you actually want. 

"Send your old crap back for recycling and your Closet Cash can be immediately used on new stuff," the company succinctly puts it on its website

Each "Take Back Bag" can hold about 25 pounds of clothing. Even if just 1,000 people participate, that's 25,000 pounds of textiles diverted from rotting in landfills, which will stop a ton of water and air pollution from entering our environment. 

25 pounds of old, worn, undonatable clothing removed from your closet in exchange for something new sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

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