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Revolutionary tech company could forever change the way we shop: 'We are trying to leave the world in a better place'

A $100 billion market is forecast for certain economies, including the U.S., by 2030.

A $100 billion market is forecast for certain economies, including the U.S., by 2030.

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Even though a lot of shopping in the United States happens online today, many millennials probably remember a time before buying items over the web became a thing. 

Now, as detailed by Forbes, the next e-commerce revolution may come thanks to San Francisco-based company EcoCart, whose technology could make it easier than ever to spark our economy while supporting initiatives that give back to the environment. 

After a consumer makes a purchase from a participating company, a proprietary algorithm considers various factors, such as shipping distance, product type, and package weight, and then it calculates how much harmful pollution each purchase is generating.

The shopper is then able to choose whether to offset the pollution by backing an eco-friendly initiative selected by the brand. Forest protection, ocean cleanups, composting, and wind farms are just some of the global projects that have received EcoCart's approval.

"We're making it easy for consumers to take climate action in a frictionless way as they go about their daily lives," EcoCart co-founder and CEO Dane Baker told Forbes. "Working with a global network of partners, we help brands strengthen customer relationships and loyalty."

EcoCart, which has been in development since 2019, has a diverse portfolio of collaborating companies listed on its website, from apparel sellers such as Cuts to retail giants such as Walmart. 

While only 4% of its shoppers chose to support initiatives that gave back to the environment in the early stages of the company, according to Forbes, now 28% are doing so. 

Data from Deloitte indicates that figure will only grow, with roughly a $100 billion market forecast for certain economies, including the U.S., by 2030. 

That's great news for our planet, which has been thrown out of balance by humans. The use of dirty energy, the production of plastic, and deforestation are just some of the activities that have led to a dangerous rise in temperatures.

"The beauty of climate positive is that brands are taking a stand, communicating to the market that we are trying to leave the world in a better place than we found it," Baker told Forbes. 

Baker estimates that having the option to offset pollution will be the new standard for online shopping before 2030.

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