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TikToker shows off incredible laundry pods that completely dissolve in water: ‘I was pretty skeptical, not gonna lie’

“A brand like this seems too good to be true.”


Photo Credit: @krysgier / TikTok

Greenwashing the making of false or misleading claims about sustainable or environmentally friendly products to deceive customers is absolutely uncool. 

Companies that engage in this practice prevent us from making actual informed decisions on the products we buy. 

This sneaky tactic is called out by TikToker Krys (@krysgier) in her “Is it Sustainable or is it Greenwashing?” series about products that may or may not pass the test.

@krysgier For a company with a ton of resources I feel like this “eco” line should be better than doing the bare minimum 🙃 #greenwashing #newbalance ♬ original sound – Krys | Sustainability

The popular sustainability TikToker also uses her platform to shout out companies who walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to creating products that are good for consumers and our planet. 

With more than 538,000 likes and 1,300 comments, Gier’s video about Dropps laundry and dishwasher pods has clearly captured the eyes and ears of TikTokers.

“I was pretty skeptical, I’m not gonna lie,” Gier began her video. “A brand like this seems too good to be true … but, in fact, I did get this and there was not a single piece of plastic anywhere.”

“Not a random sticker, no random card that has to be thrown away — just the product and a cardboard box that can be recycled,” she continued, adding that “the pods come in a casing that dissolves in water.”

@krysgier let me know if you’re into this series? Idk I think I kinda am 😏 (PS this is NOT sponsored content in fact they have no idea I exist haha) #dropps #sustainableswaps #sustainability #sustainableorgreenwashing #greenwashing ♬ Blue Moon – Billie Holiday

Gier showed viewers her new laundry and dishwasher pods, sharing that she “love[s] seeing brands step out of the norm and create products that are more sustainable and Earth-friendly”. 

A plastic-free, dissolvable product in completely recyclable packaging means very little to no trace left behind, which is better for the planet. 

But, as can often be the case when you literally find zero flaws in something, Gier felt that maybe, just maybe, Dropps could be too good to be true — thankfully, so far she has yet to come across any flaws. 

And commenters seem to agree wholeheartedly. 

“Not to mention they actually give you the ingredient list and explain what it’s for and where it comes from,” one user wrote.

“Wait wait make this a series!!” said another. “As someone trying to vote [with] their dollar for a greener world, I need to know what’s good and what’s not!”

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