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Redditor shares video of 'infuriating' boat advertisement at the beach: 'They're putting ads in the ocean now'

"Can't even enjoy a day at the beach anymore."

Boat advertisements

Photo Credit: u/Hologrxphic / Reddit

A Redditor filmed a boat cruising close to the Miami shore. It was no ordinary boat, though — this one was outfitted with a digital banner blasting ads to beachgoers and ruining the view.

"Spotted in Miami - They're putting adverts in the ocean now. Can't even enjoy a day at the beach anymore," the Redditor writes in the caption.

Many people go to the beach to escape the noise and bustle of everyday life. And while planes flying banner ads over the beach have been commonplace for years, some found that the large ad boat ruining the horizon took things to a new level.

The boat adverts bring up some concerns. Boating contributes about 3% of all carbon pollution around the world, according to the NGO Oceana. And while a growing number of boats run on clean energy sources, such as solar and hydrogen, the industry still has a long way to go.

Boats like the one spotted in Miami are typically powered by diesel fuel, which is particularly toxic to marine animals, plants, and microorganisms. It also contributes to issues including acid rain and the overheating of our planet, which worsens extreme weather events, according to the EPA. And ruining the beautiful beach view is just the icing on the cake. 

Redditors shared their frustration over the boat ads, one even noting there was an effort to ban them all the way back in 2017. "Mildly infuriating," they write.

"I have a hard time even imagining a world without advertisements anymore," writes another.

"Yeah, if this were wind powered, I'd just find it tacky and forget about it. But burning diesel for this??" a third user comments, followed by some choice expletives for those behind the ad.  

Another Redditor who previously lived in Miami shares a shocking story about going to see a lunar eclipse on the beach happening at the exact time the moon was rising from the horizon. 

"Amazing spectacle but some company had to fly a blimp low to advertise some crap right in front of the eclipse," they write.

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