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Industry leader Stellantis announces milestone partnership on EV charging solution: 'We're incredibly excited'

It's an innovation that's expanding.

It's an innovation that's expanding.

Photo Credit: Ample

California battery-swapping innovator Ample has inked a deal with international auto giant Stellantis to bring its recharge concept to Madrid. 

To begin with, the plan will integrate the Fiat 500e in the Stellantis Free2Move car-sharing service this year. The deal could make it possible for Madrid electric vehicle drivers to recharge in less than five minutes via a quick swap, according to Ample.

As part of the deal, a select number (The Buzz EV News reported 100) of Stellantis EVs will be integrated for use at Ample stations. The stations can be "deployed in public areas in as little as three days," Ample said in a news release. 

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"We're incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Stellantis, a key milestone bringing us closer to getting more EVs on the road," the company stated

Implementing the vision will be easier in part because Ample's power packs can replace original batteries without re-engineering thanks to a modular design, highlighted in an Ample video clip

"We're also discussing expanding the application of our Modular Battery Swapping Technology to meet Stellantis fleet and consumer demand across other Stellantis platforms and geographies," the release stated

Stellantis designs and builds a long list of popular brands, including Dodge, Jeep, Abarth, and Fiat. The deal with Ample seems to fit into the company's plan to produce more EVs by 2030 as well as its overall clean-energy mission

Once deployed, Ample stations will provide an intuitive process for EV drivers. The station identifies the vehicle on approach. The battery swap process is triggered by the driver, who remains in the vehicle, via a mobile app. The spent power pack is swapped with a charged one in minutes, all per a description from The Buzz EV News. 

It's an innovation that's expanding. A NIO EV customer in Norway recently showcased the ease of a swap, using a similar service offered by that brand, on TikTok. Ample operates at least 12 swapping stations in California and announced last year plans to work with Fisker, among a growing list of automakers, on integration. 

The quick recharge is comparable to, if not faster than, a gas-guzzler refuel. It's one of the inventions lobbying for market share as we develop cleaner ways to travel. 

Ample says its stations, which resemble drive-thru car washes, can be operational in days. 

And, according to the video clip showing one being installed, the company's experts are ready to tackle larger projects anywhere on the globe. 

"A whole city," the clip states, can be set up "in weeks." 

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