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Shopper stunned after discovering unbelievable value of clothing item bought from thrift store: 'This is [why] we thrift'

"What a steal!"

"What a steal!"

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A woman who bought a red sweatshirt from a thrift store may have been familiar with the concept that wealth whispers. 

A Redditor explained the situation in the subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls, saying they were shocked to discover the unassuming piece purchased by their mom "was once valued at 800 dollars." 

"It looked expensive, and it has great quality," they wrote of their decision to research the item, which turned out to be an Ambush Multi Cord Hoodie.

"What a steal!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"What a steal!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Awesome score for mom! You are rocking it," one person wrote

"This is one of my all-time favorite pieces! … Congrats on the find," another Redditor said

Thrifting has only been growing in popularity, with the value of the market more than doubling in the past four years, according to CBS News

And with finds like the Ambush sweatshirt — along with others like a Dolce and Gabbana dress and a crystal Cartier ice bucket — it is not hard to see why people are turning to secondhand stores to save both money and the environment

The UN Environment Programme noted that the fashion industry produces 2-8% of planet-warming carbon pollution worldwide, and the average person is buying 60% more clothing but keeping it for "half as long."

That overconsumption is reflected in our landfills, which get inundated with more than 100 million tons of textile waste each year that can contaminate water as it breaks down.

As detailed by the Boston University School of Public Health, some unwanted clothing from the U.S. gets sent overseas, creating pollution during the transportation process and ultimately being discarded in a way that leads to flooding and disease in countries with less infrastructure. 

While there is no way to know whether finds like this Ambush sweatshirt are the universe's way of saying thank you for thrifting, the purchase provided other Redditors with plenty of inspiration. 

"What a steal!" one person said.

"This is [why] we thrift!!!! Amazing. Love it," another wrote

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