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Leaked documents uncover Tesla's new game-changing feature for its Model 3 and Model Y: 'You need high-quality headlights to avoid hazards'

"Hope it will help me avoid pressing the indicator instead of the high beam on the steering wheel."

"Hope it will help me avoid pressing the indicator instead of the high beam on the steering wheel."

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New European Tesla models will have an innovative new feature that will improve visibility for drivers at night.

According to leaked documents, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles gained approval for adaptive highlights that will be more effective and visible for drivers and others on the road.

"The high beam now adjusts to reduce glare for other drivers and cyclists," reads the notes for the approval. "By detecting other road users and selectively dimming individual pixels of the headlights, the high beam can remain on longer, enabling better visibility at night."

YouTube user M.JR.88 @M.JR.88 posted a one-minute clip of the adaptive lights in action, brightening and dimming as the driver passed other vehicles on the road.

Driving at night increases the risks for drivers and pedestrians. According to the National Library of Medicine, nighttime driving is significantly more dangerous, with a disproportionate rate of fatal injuries occurring at night despite fewer miles driven compared to daytime. 

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While many headlights are inadequate, providing little visibility for drivers, the bright glare of lights, like this advertisement and high beams, can also temporarily blind a driver. 

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The risks of nighttime driving have led automakers and governments to find safer ways for drivers in dim lighting. In Australia, they introduced glow-in-the-dark strips on the roads to help drivers with visibility. 

Adaptive headlights give drivers more visibility and decrease the risk of blinding other drivers on the road, promoting more safety. It is one of the newest safety features that Tesla looks to introduce in their vehicles, along with redesigned bumpers, a blind spot indicator, and collision avoidance technology.

Members of the European Union can expect this update to come out for the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles within the next few weeks. Even though the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a ruling allowing automakers to install adaptive headlights, because of the important tests and specifications, it could take longer for the update to become available for Tesla owners in the U.S. 

"Adaptive lights can be best seen on country roads," commented a user on M.JR.88's YouTube demonstration.

"Hope it will help me avoid pressing the indicator instead of the high beam on the steering wheel," responded another commenter.

Luckily, more manufacturers have upgraded to adaptive headlights in an effort to increase safety. "Leather seats and sunroofs are nice, but you need high-quality headlights to avoid hazards," said David Aylor, manager of active safety testing at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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