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Company discovers 'mind-blowing' way to make hard-boiled eggs without any chickens: 'I assumed it would be impossible'

"The experience of eating these is pure nostalgia."

Wundereggs, Vegan hard-boiled egg

Photo Credit: @mycraftycounter/ Instagram

If you've ever wanted a vegan substitute for hard-boiled eggs, Crafty Counter has the answer — and they're called WunderEggs.

While many vegetarians will eat animal-derived foods like eggs and dairy, vegans and those with dietary restrictions often need an alternative. There are common substitutes that will work in baked goods (like flax seeds, chia seeds, bananas, or applesauce), but it's much harder to make a change when the egg itself is the star of the dish, such as in an egg salad or on avocado toast.

But now there's a way. According to the Craft Counter website, WunderEggs are "the world's first whole food, plant-based hard-boiled eggs." 

The main ingredients are almonds, cashews, and coconut milk, with salt, agar, yeast, konjac, and rosemary for flavor. And the result looks exactly like boiled eggs cut in half, with a smooth, firm white and a crumbly yellow yolk — achieved by using turmeric and annatto for color.

Hema Reddy, the founder of Craft Counter, started the company in 2018 to provide high-quality, convenient, and healthy food options that families would enjoy. 

"I wanted to help others who were like me — parents who wanted better food options for their families," she says in a post on the company's website. 

In 2020, Reddy updated the company to a 100% plant-based model, and in 2022, won the New Hope Network's "Best New Meat Alternative" award for WunderEggs after a year and a half of development.

To Reddy, plant-based substitutes are the smart choice for both shoppers and our environment. According to the Craft Counter website, WunderEggs contain zero cholesterol, compared to 186 milligrams per chicken egg — making them a healthy choice for your heart. At the same time, the company reports that each chicken egg requires 7,000 gallons of fresh water to produce, making WunderEggs a much better option for efficient water use.

Reviewers are happy to report that WunderEggs taste just like the real thing. 

"The experience of eating these is pure nostalgia," customer Angela M writes in a testimonial. "WunderEggs taste just like hard-boiled eggs … The texture and mouthfeel are totally mind-blowing!" 

Mason A. adds, "I assumed a hard-boiled egg would be impossible to replicate vegan, but Crafty Counter has created the perfect product to avoid factory-farmed eggs." 

As of now, WunderEggs are available for order online, but Reddy says they will soon be available in stores at Whole Foods Market. 

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