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Shopper shares how they got their groceries for one-third of the usual price: 'You hit the freaking jackpot'

"I love TooGoodToGo."

TooGoodToGo app

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One Redditor-meets-frugal foodie shared their glorious first experience using the TooGoodToGo app in the r/ZeroWaste subreddit. The app allowed them to get over $30 worth of food products from a specialty seafood market — while spending just $10.

For those unfamiliar with the app, the original poster included a detailed description in their post. TooGoodToGo (TGTG) is an app that works to limit food waste by pairing restaurants and other food-related businesses that have extra products with consumers looking for a bargain.

Customers pay an upfront fee for the bundle they'll receive and are told an estimated retail value for the items that will comprise it. In this case, the OP paid $10 and was given an estimate of $30 in retail value for their food.

It's up to the sellers to fill the bundle with delicious products, and while you don't always know what you'll get, you can be assured that the value will reach the estimate you are given –– and sometimes even more.

TGTG poses so many benefits it is hard to believe it hasn't been around forever. It has advantages for businesses, consumers, and the environment. While consumers are able to get more food for less money, businesses are able to salvage products that would've become wasted expenses and turn them into profits. And TGTG lessens the food waste of the industry and keeps these goods out of landfills.

While this app currently has options mainly in cities, commenters on Reddit seemed excited by the idea of it expanding in the near future.

"Sad rural Canada noises. Fantastic app tho! Excited to see it grow 🙌," one Redditor writes in the thread. 

Other users shared their own experiences with and appreciation for the app.

"I use TGTG a lot, it reduces food waste and is a blessing for a student's budget, especially nowadays," writes one user. 

"I love TooGoodToGo. My best haul was 24 bagels for $4. Or 2 pounds of slightly squashed cider donuts for $5," writes another.

"You hit the freaking jackpot," the original poster replies.

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