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Woman shares app that helps you score delicious food at a fraction of the cost: 'You can easily get a week's worth of quality meal staples'

"I need this in my city."

"I need this in my city."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Purchasing good food doesn't have to break the bank, as one influencer found the perfect app to get high-quality treats at a major discount. 

TikToker and self-proclaimed foodie Natalie (@eatsbynat) recently shared how she was able to purchase several large pastry items for less than $6. All people need to do in order to score similar deals is download one app to their smartphone. 

@eatsbynat Mystery too good to go bag! @Too Good To Go #toogoodtogo #mysterybag #toogoodtogobag #pastries ♬ original sound - Natalie Ludwig

The scoop

In the video, Natalie revealed she was able to purchase a "mystery bag" of food with several high-end pastries for only $5.99. She received two very large muffins, a massive croissant, and a fruit-filled scone. The major discount was thanks to the app Too Good To Go

The app allows users to search for food from restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries that are looking to sell items that are close to being thrown away. This isn't because the goods are rotten or damaged. The products are typically still in good condition but cannot be stored or are about to expire. 

Because of this, retailers sell the food items at a massively discounted rate, often throwing several items in one large bag. For those shopping on a budget, it is perfect for purchasing groceries or meals at a fraction of their original cost. Additionally, it is a unique way to try new restaurants or foods you may have been hesitant to experience because of high prices.

How it's helping

Not only does the platform have major economic benefits for buyers, but it is eco-friendly as well. 

"Too Good To Go helps eliminate food waste at the end of the day," Natalie said. 

Food waste has been found to have a significant negative impact on the planet, building up in landfills and producing around 10% of heat-trapping air pollution worldwide, as the nonprofit Move for Hunger shared

Instead of tossing out perfectly good food items and having to pay for replacement products that result in more pollution when being shipped, businesses via Too Good To Go can turn their excess products into profits. 

Reducing food waste also has massive benefits on an individual level. It has been estimated that Americans waste up to $1,200 on uneaten or unused food annually. If you cut your personal food waste by around 10%, you could save up to $120 each year. Additionally, after 10 years, you may have saved 320 pounds of trash from going to a landfill. 

By taking advantage of deals from apps such as Too Good To Go, consumers will also help lower heat-trapping air pollution by avoiding the purchases of new items that require high levels of water and energy to be produced and shipped

What people are saying

Several TikTok users raved over the budget- and eco-friendly find, with one user saying, "I need this in my city." 

"I love this!" another person wrote. "You can easily get a week's worth of quality meal staples for <$10. Which might just be what someone needs. Should be in more cities across the [globe]."

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