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Shopper sparks envy after revealing unbelievable price of latest grocery haul: 'That looks like the steal of the century'

"The whole world should have this."

"The whole world should have this."

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It is typically more expensive to buy healthy food than processed items, but Too Good To Go happily turned things around for one lucky person in Denmark. 

In the subreddit r/Frugal, the app user shared how they scored an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies for only $4.25. In a photo, their kitchen counter is covered with oranges, onions, red peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and even avocado.

"The whole world should have this."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"These Millennials are having avocado toast today, baby!" the original poster wrote.

Other Redditors shared in the OP's excitement, while others were hopeful they'd soon be snagging deals of their own. 

"That looks like the steal of the century. Good job!" one person said

"I will be moving closer to the city and am so excited to finally use this app," someone from Sweden wrote

While Too Good To Go isn't available everywhere, there are a number of apps that can help consumers combat food waste and save money at the same time, including FoodHero and Olio.

Around one-third of food is lost or wasted every year worldwide, and more than two billion people have trouble getting enough nutrition.

Food waste is not the only factor contributing to food insecurity, but it plays a role, with the World Food Program pointing out that wasted food "could feed every hungry person on the planet twice over." 

In addition, while composting can cut down on the amount of heat-trapping gases released into the atmosphere when food items break down, an overheating planet — exacerbated by decomposing food and other types of waste — makes things even more difficult for already vulnerable populations. 

Extreme weather events, made more frequent by our changing climate, can lead to supply-chain disruptions and destroyed crops or reduced yields, causing prices to skyrocket. 

To get the freshest products from supermarkets on Too Good To Go, which also works with restaurants and bakeries, the OP explained that the "trick" in their area is to know which times the discount bags get posted and reserve them as soon as possible. 

"I have an alarm set up for that purpose on my phone," they said

"That's kick a**. The whole world should have this," one Redditor wrote of the app. 

"I have used it a few times and it was so worth it," another person shared.

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