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Gardener shares the secret, little-grown food that could save you tons of money each year: 'They're also high in fiber'

"They're delicious sautéed with tofu."

Sprouts growing yourself

Photo Credit: @ mygardenburner / Instagram

It's always exciting when you can find new, healthy ways to create tasty food while also saving money.

And thankfully Instagrammer Matt Cooper (@mygardenburner), has a hack that does just that. In his viral video, Cooper shows viewers how to easily grow sprouts at home. 

The scoop

In the clip, Cooper claims that sprouts are the "secret weapon" to taking your sandwiches to the next level.


He begins the video by showing the seeds he uses to grow his so-called "sandwich sprouts" — broccoli seeds and a simple sandwich mix. Matt also recommends using organic seeds, as organic produce is better for the environment.

Next, he adds the seeds to some mason jars, using lids that allow some air to get into the container. Cooper recommends using mesh lids like the ones in his video as these easily allow good airflow to the seeds. 

Next, he rinses the seeds before filling the jars with some water — enough to fill about a quarter of the jar. 

After four to eight hours, Cooper tells his viewers to pour the water out and then rinse them twice a day for about four to five days. While the seeds are in between rinses, Matt tips the jars up and lets the water drain out of the mesh lids into little bowls in his kitchen.

It's really that simple. Five days later you'll have tasty sprouts to add to your sandwiches. Cooper says that the sprouts are delicious and also extremely healthy. 

"Not only do these sprouts taste amazing," he explains. "But they're also high in fiber and vitamins."

Why it's great

While this is an excellent way of getting some healthy vitamins and fibers into your daily nutrition, growing your own sprouts will also benefit the environment.

By switching to produce grown in your home, you can reduce the reliance on imported goods and produce from the stores. This will help reduce the amount of dirty energy used to transport goods and will help slow down the warming of the planet. 

Growing your own is also a great way of saving money and could be a fun project to do with kids. 

What's everyone saying

The video of Matt's creative gardening hack gathered almost 2,000 likes on Instagram. Commenters expressed how much they loved the idea with many users saying that they were going to try growing some sprouts at home. 

One user shared a cooking tip: "They're delicious sauteed with tofu."

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