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TikToker shares how they save money on groceries by shopping at a 'salvage market': 'This is a game changer'

"Most things are just damaged boxes."

grocery shopping at a 'salvage market'

Ever heard of a salvage grocery store? TikToker Jillian (@jillian_rn4) shared this video of one of their shopping trips at a salvage grocery store called Fresh to Frozen that left us –– and almost 30,000 others –– eager to find one as quickly as possible. 

Salvage grocery stores sell produce and products that have passed their marked sell-by date, have damaged packaging, or have been removed from traditional grocery stores or markets for other reasons. 

When one commenter asked whether most of the food ends up in the store when it nears expiration, the creator of the video responded "Yupp! Most things are just damaged boxes, slightly torn containers, etc." This video shows us that these stores have food that is still delicious and consumable — at a discounted rate!

@jillian_rn4 Fresh to Frozen never misses #salvagegrocery #foodwaste #cheapgroceries #frugal #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Jillian

In this video, Jillian filled a cart with beautiful produce including butter lettuce, aloe vera leaves, a ginger root, and more. They even found some wilted romaine lettuce to serve as a nice snack for their bunny rabbit for just $1.50! 

Their cart was also filled with packaged goods such as Gatorade, Chobani oat milk, and a chocolate Starbucks oat milk drink for only $0.87. All of this, plus many more items, has to be at least $75 right? Nope! The video creator shows us the total on their receipt at the end of the video: $25.36.

These savings seem like reason enough to run as quickly as we can to a salvage grocery store near us, but discounted food and drinks is not the only benefit of these stores. If these goods don't have a place to be purchased, they can quickly become food and packaging waste. By shopping at these stores, we can help reduce food waste and save money, so these stores are good for our wallets AND the planet. 

Viewers are shocked by these low prices and can't wait to find a store like this near them. One user commented, "Chobani 4 for a $1!?!"

Another user wrote, "The way I Googled salvage grocery shop near me sooo fast….this is a game [changer] for real." 

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