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Home cook shares simple-but-genius hack for keeping mold out of your kitchen: 'How have I never thought of this?'

People often forget how such a simple step can go a long way.

Hack for keeping mold out of your kitchen:

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An extremely simple hack for keeping mold out of the kitchen is causing quite a stir on TikTok. 

The video, shared by Kaylahdu Cane (@kaylahdu_cane), who has just under 450,000 followers and describes her page as "Imperfect environmentalism," has received 2,470 likes and counting. 

"It's such a good life hack," the creator says in their clip.

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The scoop

The video is about as short and simple as can be, lasting a mere five seconds while sharing just one sentence with the audience.

"If you're sick of your tomato paste going moldy quickly, freeze it," Cane says.

This hack may seem like common sense to many, but people often forget how such a simple step can go a long way when it comes to food preservation. 

How it's helping

In the U.S., between 30%-40% of all food is thrown away every single year. That's around 119 billion pounds of food ending up in the trash every 12 months. 

The majority of this food waste comes from households, according to the World Economic Forum.

Food waste is also a contributor to the industrial activities that are warming our planet. 

Between 8%-10% of global carbon emissions are linked to unconsumed produce in part because food must be transported from one place to another, which requires the burning of fuels that produces gases and warms the planet. 

Transportation, meanwhile, accounts for 6% of the food industry's temperature-raising gases. 

What everyone's saying

Viewers and listeners of the brief message were at no loss of words, while many provided advice of their own. 

"How have I never thought of this?" one commenter wrote. 

"Omg this is genius!" another expressed. 

This commenter provided some additional advice. "You can also cover the top layer of the jar in the fridge with olive oil. Or turn the jar upside down in the fridge."

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