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Home chef shares 'amazing' hack that transforms browning garlic into a useful kitchen staple: 'What a wonderful idea'

"This is such a great hack."

Leftover food, 'amazing' hack that transforms browning garlic into a useful kitchen staple

Photo Credit: @bakinghermann / TikTok

A popular TikToker is showing the world how to turn old garlic cloves into something special.

Julius Fiedler (@bakinghermann), who boasts more than 755,000 followers and uploads videos about creative homemade vegan recipes, is showing TikTok viewers what to do with leftover food. 

"Just blend your leftover aromatics into a flavorsome paste," Fiedler says

@bakinghermann Turn your leftovers into the ultimate flavour base with @How To Hack It #foodwaste #foodhack #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - Julius Fiedler

The scoop

The 47-second video starts with the narrator welcoming viewers and displaying images of plant foods getting placed into a blender, along with what appears to be some spinach, chopped onion, and, of course, chopped garlic. 

"Instead of letting it go to waste you can turn it into an aromatic paste," Fiedler says. 

The ingredients also include some olive oil and celery and, after blending, are subsequently shown as a delicious-looking green paste.

"That means less waste, and it even saves you time," Fiedler concludes.

How it's helping

In the United States, between 30% to 40% of all food is thrown away. That's around 19 billion pounds of food every 365 days.

This presents a major environmental issue since around 8% to 10% of planet-warming pollutants come from food that goes to waste, according to a report by the United Nations

There are two main reasons for this. 

Firstly, when food is transported from one place to another, trucks and ships burn fuels that release gases into the air and help heat up the planet. 

Transportation accounts for about 6% of the gases produced by the food industry that alter the Earth's climate. 

Secondly, a lot of land is needed to grow food, and sometimes, trees are cut down to make space for agriculture. Trees usually soak up harmful pollutants that warm the planet, so when we have fewer trees, there are more toxic gases in the atmosphere. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters seemed quite enthused by the upbeat and useful TikTok. 

"The whole thing is amazing. Thank you," one person wrote. 

"What a wonderful idea," someone else admitted. 

"Yes! This is such a great hack," another expressed.

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