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Incredible new plant-based 'pork' ribs set to make waves in the meat aisle with edible bones: 'It's just fun'

The product is currently in the testing phase, but the plan is to have it in stores soon.

Juicy Marbles, Incredible new plant-based ‘pork’ ribs set

Photo Credit: Juicy Marbles

Food options for vegans and vegetarians are increasing all the time — it seems like almost every day, there's a new meatless product hitting grocery store shelves. 

The latest, shared by one Redditor to the r/environment subreddit, is a new plant-based imitation pork rib, complete with edible vegan bones.

The product, produced by a Slovenia-based company called Juicy Marbles that specializes in plant-based meat replacements, is currently in the testing phase, but the plan is to have it in stores soon.

"To some, bones from plants may be an ideological provocation, but we shouldn't take these things too seriously," Juicy Marbles co-founder Vladimir Mićković told The Guardian. "It's just fun. Bones invite you to eat with your hands and share [food] with the whole table."

According to a study from Oxford University, reducing the amount of meat we consume would have a massively positive impact on the overall health of our planet (to say nothing of our bodies). The study found that a vegan diet produces 75% less planet-overheating gases than a high-meat diet.

According to a study from Stanford University, "The worldwide phase out of animal agriculture, combined with a global switch to a plant-based diet, would effectively halt the increase of [planet-overheating] gases for 30 years and give humanity more time to end its reliance on [dirty energy]."

Plus, if you're eating real pork ribs, you don't get to eat the bones.

Commenters on the Reddit thread were excited to try out the new product whenever it becomes available.

"I was in Hong Kong 10 years ago and had vegan 'meat' like this that used sugar cane as 'bones,'" wrote one commenter, adding that "it was delicious."

"I used to get vegan drumsticks with a bone substitute and it was oddly nice to chew on as you were finishing off the faux meat part," wrote another.

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