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New Burger King menu item sparks major debate on social media

Would you try this?

Bacon on your plant-based burger. Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper by Burger King

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The self-proclaimed King of fast-food burgers has given his subjects an Impossible choice: "Would you like bacon on your plant-based burger?" The new Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper at Burger King comes with real bacon, not "facon." 

Patrons have reacted with some conflicting opinions on social media

Some simply asked the question — "Is it bacon or facon?" — while others sarcastically tweeted, "Yes can I get the meatless burger with extra meat" and "Just because you can, doesn't always mean you should". 

Others have no beef with the fast-food giant's decision. "I see no issue with this," said one user of very few words. Another looked at the offering through a sustainability lens: "Honestly, this is very encouraging from a climate perspective," they wrote. "The more people who think of impossible meat as 'normal' food rather than some kind of ethical obligation, the better."

Finally, a restaurant insider weighed in: "We have found a surprising number of people at our restaurant order plant-based burger patties with bacon," he commented. "There are a lot of reasons beyond vegetarianism to avoid ground beef […]"

Food & Wine reported that Burger King is releasing two new Impossible choices to join the lone Impossible Whopper, introduced in 2019. The Impossible King and Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper joined the menu June 27 of this year. The Impossible King is also included on Burger King's 2 for $6 mix n' match deal, which makes it the most affordable plant-based burger on the menu.

This new selection and their relatively low prices may lower the barrier to adoption for many consumers who would like to try a meatless (or less-meat, at least) burger.

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