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Chef shares money-saving hack for making leftovers last way longer in the fridge: '$1,500 a year'

"Love reducing food waste, especially when the food is just so good."


Stop throwing away those leftovers so quickly. 

On Instagram, author and chef Kristen Hong (@hellonutritarian) is sharing how to make those extras last a lot longer. 

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Her hack is simple: It focuses on keeping your storage containers full. If the leftovers are something you take and eat a little each day, switch to a smaller container once the contents reach the halfway mark. 

The Scoop

The concept is based on science. A full container will hold less excess oxygen. Although we associate oxygen with life, it also aids the growth of microbes that spoil our food. So, less oxygen equals fresher and better-tasting leftovers. 

From the looks of Hong's immaculately organized refrigerator, you first might have to do a bit of preparation, but this hack is sure to bring rewards.

How it's helping

Changing containers to keep your food fresh means there is more of a chance you will eat those yummy morsels again. And this can definitely save you money. 

Data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture says the average family loses approximately $1,500 a year due to food waste. Add this sum up over a couple of years, and you could be taking that vacation you always dreamed about. 

Many of us don't think about what happens to leftover food after it gets thrown into the trash bin. Once food waste reaches a landfill, it will begin to emit methane, a powerful planet-warming gas. According to the BBC, eliminating food waste would result in an 8% total reduction of planet-warming gases

Ridding your kitchen of food waste could also help to ensure a healthier diet. For lunch, you could skip the delicious-but-salty ramen down the street from your office, and instead, bring in last night's homemade pasta. What's more, some leftovers will actually taste better days after they're made.

What everyone's saying

Hong's viewers had plenty to say about her hack, recognizing the value of keeping and eating kitchen leftovers.

"Love reducing food waste, especially when the food is just so good," one user wrote.

"I didn't know this tip, will definitely use that, thank you," responded another.

"Leftover management can be a big challenge, especially after a party. Great tips," another added.

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