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Mom shares 'fantastic' and simple hack to keep apples from browning: 'Great idea for kids'

The hack could prevent a lot of food waste.

Simple hack to keep apples from browning

Photo Credit: @brashandco / Instagram

A mom has found a way to prevent apples from browning using two simple ingredients.

The Instagrammer uploaded the Reel on the page of Claudia & Lauren (@brashandco), which has 27,000 followers.

"I promise they will all get eaten," the mom assures viewers in reference to the apple slices she puts on display. 

The scoop

The video begins with the narrator showing some fresh apples. She puts two cups of cold water and one teaspoon of sea salt into a bowl. 

"Stir to dissolve and set this aside," she says before chopping some apples into slices and placing them inside the bowl with the water and sea salt.

"I'm telling you this is the ultimate be-all-end-all method," she says, instructing us to soak the apple slices for five minutes before draining the bowl and rinsing the slices. These, she says, can be packed away for school lunches or served on a plate for your kids to eat right away. 

How it's helping

This hack can prevent apples from going to waste, as people of all ages may be hesitant to eat brown apples, which often leads to them ending up in the trash. 

And a little goes a long way, as up to 10% of all global carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere are the result of unconsumed produce.  

Another problem is land use, particularly deforestation to make room for food to be grown. 

Trees usually soak up harmful pollutants that warm the planet, so when we have fewer trees, there are more toxic gases in the atmosphere. 

What everyone's saying

Instagram users had plenty to say in the comments section. 

One user called it "fantastic." 

"Great idea for kids," another added.

Another commenter had an interesting question, asking "doesn't the apples absorb the salt, making them high in sodium?" Claudia & Lauren answered: "If you're worried about the sodium content, then this may not be the method for you. I'd check with your Dr! But it's not a ton of salt used, and you rinse it off."

Someone else added how they prefer "Himalayan pink salt" instead and that they "love having things ready to grab and eat."

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