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Professional organizers share easy hack for cleaning out sticky glass jars: 'Such a clever solution'

"We love making overnight oats in our nut butter jars."

Trick for cleaning store-bought glass jars

We all do our best to recycle, but when you're in a rush and have forgotten to scrape the peanut butter or jelly out of a glass jar, it can feel like a mammoth task.

But now there's a handy hack to solve this problem. Done & Done Home (@doneanddonehome) is going viral with an Instagram Reel showing how they clean their sticky glass jars so they can be recycled or even reused.

To start, @doneanddonehome uses a stainless steel scrubber with water and soap, shaking vigorously so that all of the excess food is dislodged from the jar's various nooks and crannies of the jar. That way, you don't have to go scraping around inside it.

From there, the Instagrammer rinses out the jar and lets it dry. It couldn't be easier!

This makes it far less effort to recycle or reuse your jam jars, meaning fewer of them end up needlessly going to the landfill. Any jars with food residue still inside them cannot be recycled in big processing plants, so taking this simple extra step can majorly reduce your household waste.

According to C&EN, Americans dispose of around 10 million metric tons of glass every year, with most of it ending up in the trash. In fact, just one-third gets properly recycled.

Instagram users seemed thrilled by the hack with many praising it in the comments.

"Nice hack!!" commented one Instagram user, before adding their own extra tip. "We love making overnight oats in our nut butter jars. Put all that extra nut butter to use."

"Such a clever solution!" another added

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