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TikToker shares major 'mistake' most people make with produce: 'You are literally throwing money away'

"Once or twice a week, you're going to look in your fridge, you're going to assess the situation."

Freeze produce

Photo Credit: @mac.larena / TikTok

A TikTok user has shared one of the biggest "mistakes" many shoppers make with groceries: not freezing produce before it spoils.

"If you have bought food and paid for it, and you let it spoil, you are literally throwing money away," the user, named Alex (@mac.larena), says in a recent video.

"Once or twice a week, you're going to look in your fridge, you're going to assess the situation," she adds. "Pull out anything that looks like it's nearing its date."

In a large bowl, Alex mixes white vinegar and cold water, which helps remove dirt and pesticides, and also helps prevent mold. She then soaks bell peppers and zucchini in the mixture to prepare them for freezing.

"The reason that you want to be checking your fridge every couple days is because you want to catch your produce when it's a little wrinkly," she narrates. "And still salvageable, as opposed to when it's full-blown rotten, and you've got to throw them out."

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Once the veggies have finished soaking, Alex cuts the peppers into small chunks so they'll be ready the next time she makes spaghetti sauce. She also shreds the zucchini in a food processor — though she notes you can also use a traditional shredder — so they'll be prepared the next time she wants to make muffins and more.

She also makes an important note in regard to food storage.

"Freezer bags are not single-use," she adds.

By maximizing your use of leftover food, you avoid food waste and stop unnecessary food from ending up in a landfill, which contributes to the dangerous overheating of our planet. According to RTS, the United States creates 40 million tons of food waste every year — more than any other country on Earth.

Users shared their own tips for leftover produce in the comments.

"You could also throw them together with canned tomato, toss it in the blender, and call it soup!" one commenter writes.

"My go-to is fried rice! Just throw every veggie about to get old to the rice and call it a day! Soo good!" another user comments.

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