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TikToker shares amazing hack for buying cheaper eggs: 'This led me down a rabbit hole'

Amid inflation, eggs are selling for as much as $18 per dozen in some places.

Farmish app to get cheap eggs

Photo Credit: @farmishterra / TikTok

If you've walked into any supermarket lately, you've likely noticed shortages and soaring prices for eggs. The avian flu and inflation are contributing to rising prices, but others are accusing suppliers of price gouging

Whatever the cause, there's thankfully a solution. One TikToker is going viral after sharing another way to get your hands on affordable eggs. 

Farmish is an app that helps consumers connect with local farms selling homegrown produce, backyard chicken eggs, honey, plants, trees, garden supplies, and more. The app's founder, Terra (@farmishterra), posted about the app in a recent video, which has amassed almost 150,000 likes. 

@farmishterra Prices are up to increase profits while hurting consumers? I'm shocked! @getfarmish #eggs#eggsprices #eggpricesgonewild #eggpricessohigh #eggprices2023 #chickenfarmer #backyardchickensoftictok #farmishapp #inflationcrisis ♬ Saturday Night Lights TCvsChanze Remix - Akintoye

"Egg prices are up to boost corporate profits?" read the subtitles in the video. "[There are] thousands of families listing their eggs all over the U.S. and Canada."

In the short term, buying locally could be the only way to get your hands on eggs, as shoppers across the country are being met with bare shelves at the grocery store. And the eggs that are in stock are reportedly selling for as much as $18 per dozen in some places.

Buying locally boasts a plethora of other benefits, too. First off, it supports the local economy. Your money will be reinvested into smaller businesses, benefiting your entire community. Local growers can also give you the details on exactly how their food was grown or produced, including whether they used antibiotics or chemicals.

It's also good for the environment. Many small farms are known for adopting environmentally friendly practices, often supporting crop and insect diversity, using fewer pesticides, creating border areas for wildlife, and enriching the soil with cover crops.

Overall, TikTok was grateful for Terra's heads-up, with one person saying, "Thank you. This led me down a rabbit hole to find more of these apps." 

"You don't know how fast I went to download 😀 thank you," another said.

A number of other people who raise chickens chimed in. 

"My eggs are cheaper than the store," one commented. "Been selling them to friends for $4 an 18 pack."

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