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Pastry chef shares brilliant hack for making use of excess pie crust: 'The perfect snack'

"PSA: Don't throw out those pie dough scraps."

What to do with extra pie crust | Extra pie crust | pie dough scraps

The leaves are changing, the Halloween costumes are coming together, and pie season is officially upon us. 

Making a pie is great, and eating one is even better — but what's not so fun is throwing out all that excess dough when you're done cooking. Thankfully, a food blogger is going viral with a solution for that exact issue. 

In September, Josh (who goes by @joshisbaking on Instagram) shared a hack for making the most out of extra pie crust. His suggestion? Turn those scraps into tiny, tasty cinnamon sugar bites.

"PSA: Don't throw out those pie dough scraps," Josh captioned his post.

Josh's recipe uses just four ingredients, all of which you almost certainly have in your kitchen — especially if you've just made a pie. 

To start, he rolls the extra pie crust into a ball, then flattens it and cuts it into ¼-inch pieces. Next, he coats them in egg wash before cooking. Once they're ready, he sprinkles on some cinnamon and sugar.

"This will come in handy with all those pies this fall!" Josh added in his caption. 

The trick, which is both a recipe and an easy hack for making use of food waste, drew plenty of praise on Instagram.

"That is such a good idea," one user wrote. 

"The perfect snack," another agreed. 

"Such a genius no-waste idea!" another added. 

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