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One Burger King restaurant is making a wild change to its most popular menu items: 'Our guests are asking for more'

"Normalize the shift!"

Burger King in Denmark

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One Burger King in Denmark is saying farvel to its beef-based Whoppers and chicken sandwiches as it undergoes a meatless makeover. 

The BK store in Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen, converted almost all of its items to plant-based versions starting on Mar. 15 and will keep it that way for an entire month.

Burger King is no stranger to plant-based burgers. It first partnered with Impossible Foods in 2019 to introduce the Impossible Whopper in BK joints across the U.S.

"Our guests are asking for more meat-free alternatives," Carsten Lambrecht, Burger King's head of operations in Denmark, said in a press release. "With the new alternatives, we hope to make it easier to choose meat-free on the go."  

For this meat-free concept restaurant, Burger King partnered with a UK-based meatless products company, The Vegetarian Butcher, to develop alternatives that look and taste just like real beef and chicken. 

Customers can add plant-based bacon and 100% plant-based cheese slices from vegan foods company Violife. Some sauces will still contain egg or dairy ingredients, but customers can order their Whopper without these additions.

This iconic burger joint isn't only "veganizing" the items we already know and love — it's also adding limited-run items to the menu for only a month. 

"By opening a restaurant that only serves plant-based and meat-free alternatives, we also get a good opportunity to test products that are not yet part of our traditional menu for our further product development and innovation within the plant-based segment," Lambrecht said.

Going the extra mile, this temporarily-vegan BK thoroughly cleaned all its machines and kitchen equipment before re-opening to avoid cross-contamination between the new plant-based items and old ingredients.

This menu change has some impressive benefits for the planet.

Compared to beef, plant-based alternatives require 98% less land, use 77% less freshwater, and have a 93% smaller environmental footprint when it comes to planet-heating air pollution.

Whether Burger King adds one meatless item to the menu or creates an entire plant-based store, each bite of a plant-based sandwich is better for the planet.

People don't seem to have any beef with the news of this concept restaurant. News of the announcement was shared on the r/environment subreddit, where one user writes, "BK doesn't use caged chicken eggs either, if I remember correctly, going in the right direction. [I] would love to see some vegan fast food places start popping up."Another Redditor says, "Fantastic news. Normalize the shift!"

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