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Atomo is coffee made without any coffee beans

You read that correctly. Beanless coffee.

Atomo is coffee made without any coffee beans

Photo Credit: Atomo

Well, I tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen. Pour myself a cup of … carbon emissions? Dolly Parton and eco-conscious coffee drinkers may not have to worry about their pick-me-up's potential environmental side effects any more. Atomo Coffee is selling a beanless brew that boasts less harm to the world than your favorite roast.

The Seattle food-tech startup has replaced coffee beans with date pits for some astoundingly green benefits. Atomo's beanless cold brew uses 94% less water, and generates 93% less carbon pollution than a can of traditional coffee, according to the third-party environmental impact analyst group Carbon Cloud

The company offers three flavors at the moment: Classic Black, Ultra Smooth, and Oat Milk Latte. The cans of cold brew ship right to your door in packs of four, eight, or 24. The four pack is $22, or $5.50 per can (not including shipping), while the eight and 24 packs are $40 and $120, or $5 per can. Each coffee is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, dairy-free, and contains no allergens. 

By using upcycled ingredients — that is, parts of food that would normally be thrown away — Atomo can reduce the coffee's impact considerably. 

A cup of traditional coffee requires 37 gallons of water during growth and production, according to Atomo's Twitter. The Atomo Coffee blend, which uses extract from date seeds, chicory roots, and grapes, can be made with only 2.2 gallons of water per can. 

Equally significant is the 93% reduction in carbon pollution, which is a major player in the overheating of our planet. 

Traditional coffee production and rising demand also drives deforestation to make room for larger coffee plantations. Atomo aims to hitch a ride on this rising demand as an eco-friendly alternative to most coffee. 

The company is also at work developing a hot-brewed ground coffee to sell from its site. 

You can buy the cold-brew, beanless coffee by the case or subscribe for 5% off your order.

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