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This beauty brand's squeezable moisturizer is like a Go-Gurt tube for your skin — and it uses a first-of-its-kind ingredient

The squeezable, compostable tube is like Go-Gurt for your skin.

Facial moisturizer

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Canadian company etee doesn't want you to feel torn between your beauty routine and your eco-lifestyle commitments. Instead, it offers a lot of great products with the Earth in mind.

Etee's latest product in the catalog is a world first: algae-derived facial moisturizer in backyard compostable packaging. These "chrysalis beautypods" arrive in a squeezable tube (think go-gurt for your skin?) that are lightweight and durable.

The next generation of packaging

Once you receive your beautypods, empty the tube into the dispenser to hold the product until it's time to refill. This innovative packaging sidesteps glass jars, which not only heavily contribute to the environmental impacts of transportation but also require recycling once empty.

Instead, etee devised a tube that is truly the next generation in packaging. Made of Ontario hemp, an algae called Euglena Gracilis, natural waxes, tree resins, and oils, these tubes are compostable and free from harmful chemicals used to preserve plastics, which means you can nourish your skin and your garden at the same time.

Good for you, good for the planet

Beyond the pods themselves, the product within is also noteworthy. The facial moisturizer in chrysalis beautypods is made from Euglena Gracilis (the same algae featured in the packaging) grown in fermenters in Ontario, Canada.

In the fermenters, the algae are transformed into a form of beta-glucan. This all-natural concoction was first identified in wound-care research for its ability to promote skin repair, and it can even retain 20% more moisture than hyaluronic acid. In moisturizers, beta-glucan triggers collagen production to give your skin a youthful, earth-happy glow.

Change from the ground up

Etee aims for what it calls "Joyful Rebellion," creating products that make a change from the ground up. The company does so through a circular packaging economy and products for skincare, homecare, and beyond that are kind to you and the Earth. 

Want to try etee products for yourself? Head over to the online shop. You'll find the chrysalis beautypods facial moisturizer and a whole lot more. The company offers a discount for your first purchase and a reward program as a thank-you for your loyalty (or your friend referrals).

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