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All treats, no tricks: Our picks for eco-friendly Halloween decor

There's nothing spookier than single-use plastic spending eternity in the landfill.

eco-friendly decorations for Halloween

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Plastic pumpkins. Plastic cobwebs. Plastic party supplies. Walk into any big box store around Halloween and it's hard not to notice how much waste we'll collectively make. Consumer spending on Halloween-related items was expected to be over $10.14 billion in 2021 — all for just one day. Now that's scary! When thinking about spooky decor, remember the two most important factors: natural and reusable. Here are our top 5 picks to help you get inspired.

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Holiday Living Solar Pumpkin Path Light

Why It's Cool
If you're looking for an affordable way to decorate your front yard for October evenings, these solar path lights shaped like pumpkins fit the bill. Powered by the sun, these eco-friendly decorations will provide a touch of autumnal whimsy for many Halloweens to come.


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Solar Pumpkin Path Light

A Pleasant Thought Skull Candle

Why It's Cool
We love a good, sustainably made candle, especially when it looks too good to light! Whether you choose classic white, spooky black, or one of the five pastel colors, this 100% soy and beeswax skull candle is sure to be a standout centerpiece for your Halloween tablescape.


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Skull Candle

Happy Halloween Felt Garland

Why It's Cool
Why not skip the plastic signage and decorations you can get at any big box store? Instead, choose this artisan-crafted, wool and cotton felted garland. Made by female artisans in Nepal paid living wages, it's the perfect addition to many future parties. Plus, it's 100% compostable when it reaches the end of life.


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Frienda Halloween Jute Gift Bags

Why It's Cool
Planning a kids' Halloween party and putting together an eco-friendly gift bag can be a daunting task. Make it a little easier with these reusable burlap gift bags. Tuck a few pieces of sustainably made candy and biodegradable stickers inside … there's your party favors, sorted!


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 Jute Gift Bags

Matter Compostable 10" Dinner Plate

Why It's Cool
The most eco-friendly decorations for a Halloween party are the ones you can use over and over again. If you can't make that happen, choose your single-use items wisely. For big parties where you don't have enough dishes for everyone, choose home compostable plates and toss them in your compost bin for future soil!


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Dinner Plate

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