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Best travel accessories for your next trip

Put these sustainable faves on your permanent packing list.

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We should all have the opportunity to explore this beautiful planet, but with that privilege comes responsibility. 

Depending on where you go and how you travel, your impact on the world can be significant. For example, if air travel were considered its own country, it would be among the top 10 global emitters of toxic carbon pollution. 

Air travel is also among the fastest-growing sources of pollution via planet-overheating greenhouse gas emissions, with a 29% increase of carbon pollution between 2013 and 2019, according to the International Council on Clean Transportation. 

When you're planning your next adventure, you don't have to sacrifice functionality, beautiful design, and efficient organization to be eco-friendly. Resist the travel-size, single-use plastic products and save money over time with reusable, high-quality accessories. 

From our go-to luggage companion to the essentials that keep us organized, hydrated, and stress-free, these are the items we don't leave home without.

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Paravel Aviator Carry On

Why It's Cool
Our go-to luggage pick, it features a highly functional design, looks good, and is made with sustainable and recycled materials. You can feel good about Paravel's carbon neutral status, too.

Price: $350

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Luggage pick made with sustainable and recycled materials.

Que Water Bottle

Why It's Cool
The unique collapsible design is a major space saver for packing and on-the-go hydration. Que is also committed to lessening its footprint and supports rainforest initiatives.

Price: $25

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Que Water Bottle committed to lessening its footprint

Cadence Capsules

Why It's Cool
The innovative modular design and magnetic attachment features make toiletry organization and storage a breeze. They're customizable, leakproof, made with recycled plastic, and have custom label options, too.

Price: $74 / $143 (Set of 6/12)

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Toiletry organization made with recycled plastic

Patagonia Packing Cubes

Why It's Cool
Real talk: Once you pack with the cube, you'll never go back. These simple organization hacks are made with recycled nylon and feature sturdy zippers and handles.

Price: $29-$49 (3 Sizes)

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Patagonia Packing Cubes made with recycled nylon

Champ Portable Charger

Why It's Cool
A lifesaver when you need it, this charger is compact and powerful (up to 80% charge in just 30 min!), made with recycled materials, and comes in plastic-free packaging.

Price: $62.95

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Charger, made with recycled materials, and comes in plastic-free packaging
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