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Video captures tourists tempting fate in close encounter with elk: 'When will people learn?'

Tourists venturing too close to wildlife is an alarming trend.

Tourists venturing too close to wildlife is an alarming trend.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The tourons are back at Yellowstone National Park with another up-close and dangerous elk encounter. 

Tourons of Yellowstone (@touronsofyellowstone) is known for its videos depicting tourons — tourist morons. The account shared a video of tourons yet again putting their lives in danger for a photo.

The viral video shows several tourists with cameras getting way too close to elk on the side of the road. The elk charges forward and the tourists retreat, but the encounter had the potential to be deadly.

Elks are beautiful animals, but they can be extremely dangerous. They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, run 40 miles an hour, and jump 8 feet vertically. They're big and fast, and while rules may vary by park, it's generally recommended to stay around 75 feet away from them. 

Tourists venturing too close to wildlife is becoming an alarming trend. This man at Estes Park was just feet away from a huge elk, and this guy had his tire popped by the charging animal.

This incident, and others like it, serves as a stark reminder of our growing disconnect from nature. Tourons often prioritize the perfect shot over respecting the boundaries of wildlife. Our national parks are a privilege as we get to witness preserved natural beauty. But to maintain these pristine environments, we must cultivate a deep respect for nature and demonstrate it through our interactions with wildlife. 

As usual, commenters couldn't believe the behavior displayed by the tourists.

"How crazy," one user said. "When will people learn?"

Another couldn't understand why the tourists got so close in the first place, saying, "they have long lenses on their camera and capability to crop the photos."

Some proposed solutions to the problem: "They need to be heavily fined and have to do community service in the park."

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