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YouTuber makes headlines after traveling through Alaska living out of his Tesla: 'I can travel on a pretty low budget'

"It's such a unique way of traveling."

“It’s such a unique way of traveling."

Photo Credit: YouTube

YouTuber Sandro van Kuijck has taken sustainable travel to a whole new level, traveling Alaska in a Tesla Model X while also living in the zero-tailpipe-pollution vehicle.

Van Kuijck has been to 49 states in his electric car, including Alaska, but the latter trip posed some big challenges because of the wilderness areas and the lack of available charging infrastructure. 

In a video on his Everyday Sandro YouTube page (@EverydaySandro) explaining his Tesla setup before embarking on his Alaska trip, van Kuijck broke down the range of adapters and charging equipment he had to make use of any power source he could find while out on the road. 

He noted there were no more Supercharger points available after Prince George in British Columbia, Canada, so he would have to make the most of whatever he could find. 

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Van Kuijck's living setup includes an area for a bed on the left side of the trunk and space for a "telescope design" kitchen on the right. The latter includes an induction hob, a sink, slide-out drawers, and a Dometic water dispenser. He needed to put the back seat of his Tesla down to make the space bigger.

He also has a portable fridge behind the front passenger seat and keeps things like a blender and a kettle in the little space he has left. All of his electrical appliances are powered by a 1-kilowatt-hour battery pack added to the Tesla.

Speaking to Business Insider, van Kuijck discussed the benefits of living in his Tesla while traveling across the United States.

"It's such a unique way of traveling," he said. "I can travel on a pretty low budget and I get to see more of the scenery, talk to more people than I would otherwise."

He told the publication he made use of the PlugShare navigation app to find free charging stations to keep his costs low, and he slept at charging points so as not to be disturbed by passers-by or law enforcement. 

In his YouTube video ahead of his Alaska journey, van Kuijck described how he chose electric appliances to be more sustainable. The goal is obvious, considering he has traveled so far while avoiding dirty fuel as much as possible.

Sustainability is also a factor in another life choice, as van Kuijck told Business Insider he has a plant-based diet

In research published in the Nature Food journal and summarized by The Guardian, a wide-reaching study has found that vegan diets result in 75% less planet-warming pollution, water pollution, and land use than diets containing 100 grams of meat daily.

Van Kuijck is sharing his lifestyle with 2,800 subscribers on his YouTube channel, and you can check out his trip through Alaska and the challenges he faced in his follow-up video

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