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Tesla just dropped prices on its Model X and Model S with its new and improved 'Standard Range' versions: 'This is a great deal'

The previously standard versions are now known as "Long Range."

Tesla Model X and S price drops

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As Tesla prices continue to fluctuate, the popular electric vehicle company has just released slightly cheaper versions of its two most expensive models, the Model X and the Model S.

The only difference between the more expensive versions of the Model X and the Model S and the cheaper ones appears to be that the cheaper versions have a shorter range, which Tesla is branding as "Standard Range." The previously standard versions are now known as "Long Range."

Each Standard Range version is $10,000 cheaper. The Standard Range Model X drops from $98,490 to $88,490, with the battery range dropping from 348 miles to 279 miles. The Standard Range Model S drops from $88,490 to $78,490, with the range going from 405 to 320.

It is also worth noting that, although these are the ranges that Tesla is advertising, a recent news story detailed allegations of Tesla lying about its battery ranges. The report said the company was even going so far as to rig the range-estimating software within its cars until the remaining battery dropped under 50 percent, at which time the estimates would become more accurate. 

Tesla also confirmed that the Standard Range and Long Range versions have the same battery pack — the difference in the ranges is only because Tesla is software-locking the longer range capability. That means that buyers who later wanted to upgrade to the Long Range version would potentially be able to do so without having to get a whole new car. However, Electrek was unable to confirm this with sources within Tesla.

Electrek's commenters had mixed reactions about the new offerings.

"Always exciting to see a downgrade of an 11 year old model," wrote one commenter.

However, another commenter wrote, "This is a great deal. Most of the time you are only supposed to fill your battery up to 80% or 90%. People with the larger battery will end up normally getting between 324-365 mi per charge."

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