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Tesla owner shares dashcam footage of self-driving mode preventing head-on collision with another driver: 'A product that will save millions of lives'

"The accident that wasn't."

"The accident that wasn't."

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A Tesla owner is sharing footage and information about one of the EV's features that saved him from a potentially fatal accident.

On social media, Tesla owner Cyber Mike (@CyberMikeOG) shared a video from his dashcam that captured his Tesla — in full self-driving (FSD) mode — swerving away from another driver who was veering toward him on the wrong side of the road.

"[Self-driving mode] saved me this morning at 5:40am from a potential head on collision," Cyber Mike wrote. "A driver pulled out onto a west bound roadway and turned right into my lane. My car quickly moved over as if nothing was wrong and continued in my lane. I believe they were intoxicated. Could not get license but I'm grateful for [Tesla] And [its] team of engineers for making a product that will save millions of lives."

In a follow-up post, Mike explained that another nearby driver asked him how his reflexes were so fast. "The other vehicle that was traveling beside me, stopped at the next traffic light and rolled down their window and asked me how I moved out of the way so quickly, and I told them that my car did it, and they were scratching their head," he wrote.

Tesla's popularization of electric vehicles is a massive win for the environment, as moving away from gas-guzzling vehicles and toward alternatives that run on cleaner energy sources is a vital step in curbing the dangerous overheating of our planet. The average traditional vehicle emits an absurd 10,000 pounds of planet-heating pollution per year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. EVs, on the other hand, source their power from the grid, which means they emit much less pollution than gas-powered vehicles, and also require less maintenance.

Tesla's advanced safety features, such as FSD, help make the company's EVs more attractive and trendy to potential EV converts. The company's Model Y was recently named one of the safest passenger vehicles by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. FSD has also been steadily improved to protect pedestrians, and autonomous braking, even outside of FSD mode, has also helped keep drivers safe.

Users expressed their relief for Mike's safety — and awe over the self-driving feature — in their responses to his post. 

"The accident that wasn't. That was pretty impressive," one wrote

"FSD was so cool there. Glad accident didn't happen," another user said

"Lol FSD is so casual about saving your life," a third user opined

Meanwhile, Teslarati users shared their own experiences with FSD. 

"Since my trial began, i haven't driven once. i let it drive for me. Don't think i'll ever want to drive again and instead let FSD do it all," one commenter said.

"It does about 95% of my daily driving. I mostly just handle the parking lots," another user wrote of the feature.

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