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Couple take an EV all the way from the North Pole to the South Pole: 'Electric vehicles are the way forward'

"Our main goal is to inspire people."

"Our main goal is to inspire people."

Photo Credit: Pole to Pole EV

Santa Claus is known for being able to travel around the world in one night, but he may have a little competition after a couple drove an astounding 17,000 miles from the North Pole to the South Pole in an electric vehicle.

Chris and Julie Ramsey, who are from Scotland, made the record-breaking journey in a re-engineered Nissan Ariya electric crossover SUV and completed the trek over nine months, arriving at the South Pole on Dec. 15, as detailed by TheStreet

"Our ambition is to capture hearts and minds and to show people that electric vehicles are the way forward," Chris said on the expedition's official website. "We want to demonstrate that electric vehicles are capable of taking us on an incredible journey and that they don't have to be seen as a sacrifice."

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The couple ultimately drove through 14 countries spanning three continents. According to Electrek, Arctic Trucks helped with their Nissan's modifications for extreme conditions, including the frigid cold. 

Despite the fact that EVs don't release any planet-warming pollution from their tailpipes and save their owners money on gas and maintenance β€” making them a win for consumers on more than one level β€” range anxiety is one factor that has given people pause.

A poll by insurance company Budget Direct in Australia discovered that half of respondents had misgivings about the range capabilities of EVs, listing the issue as the second-biggest hurdle preventing their adoption. 

Researchers have been working to develop longer-lasting batteries to help alleviate these concerns, while multiple countries have been passing laws and investing in infrastructure to aid a transition to EVs. 

According to the United Nations, 95% of the transportation sector still relies upon dirty energy, the burning of which is primarily responsible for the dangerous and disruptive rise of global temperatures.     

The Ramseys' modified Nissan was the first vehicle of any type to make the pole-to-pole trek, per TheStreet, perhaps pointing to the considerable progress that has been made in championing the more planet-friendly EVs. 

As for what's next, the couple intend to work on projects that support renewable energy and reforestation, according to their website, after previously partnering with Enel X in Peru to make EV chargers more accessible along the route of their journey.

"Delivering purpose and legacy has always been one of the core missions of our expedition," Pole to Pole EV (@poletopoleev), the trek's official Instagram account, wrote of the collaboration. "Now EV drivers in Peru, and EV drivers passing through Peru have … chargers along the Pan American highway."

"Our main goal is to inspire people," Julie said, per the expedition's website. "We want to show them that they can make a difference and that they don't have to feel powerless."

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