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Video shows man saving marine life from restrictive plastic trash: 'This world needs more people like this'

"Well, that's no good. We gotta go ahead and find this guy a new house."

“Well, that’s no good. We gotta go ahead and find this guy a new house."

Photo Credit: @kylesthenix / TikTok

As Mr. Krabs knows, it doesn't feel good to be without a shell.

Thankfully for one crab, a man saved him from being out in the cold. 

TikToker kylesthenix (@kylesthenix) recently posted a video that showed a hermit crab making its way across a rocky beach with a plastic cylinder instead of a shell.

@kylesthenix That was a first for me, how about you? #hermitcrab #newhouse #livinglarge #Okinawa #kylesthenix ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song - julie on the internet

"Well, that's no good. We gotta go ahead and find this guy a new house," the narrator says. "If only there were someone with a bag full of hermit crab houses." 

The man in the footage then proceeds to gently pick up the crab, place it in a bucket, and provide it with a selection of shells.

"He likes the black stripe one," the narrator says. "Good choice." 

Hermit crabs need shells to protect their bodies, but as they grow, so do their housing needs. Because they can't make their own shells, they repurpose shells from other animals.

Sadly, humans' impact on the environment is making the crabs' search that much harder.  

Big pieces of plastic can find their way into larger bodies of water and oceans through drains. Meanwhile, a study released in 2020 discovered that exposure to microplastics, which are found in everyday products like cosmetics and detergents, could affect crabs' decision-making abilities when choosing a home. 

Wastewater is one way these tiny pieces of plastic — smaller than a pearl typically used in jewelry, according to National Geographic — can enter the environment. 

While plastic debris and microplastics are a big problem, there are small, simple steps consumers can take to minimize their contributions to the environment. 

Utilizing reusable water bottles rather than single-use plastic ones, air-drying clothing after washing, and choosing fabric grocery bags are just a few options. 

We don't know all the details that led to this particular crab's housing dilemma, but major props to this individual for doing his part to be a good neighbor and help the lucky crab find his new shell.

"You don't see that everyday. Have a good life," the narrator concludes.

People quickly applauded the video with praise and adoration. Perhaps one user said it best when they said, "This world needs more people like this." 

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