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Beachgoer shares photo after driver gets pickup truck stuck in sand: 'Who drives a street car on the beach?'

"It actually breaks my heart."

"It actually breaks my heart."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A Redditor who spied a trespasser on the beach sparked a conversation about responsible tourism.

The user posted about the incident in r/SanFrancisco, sharing a couple of photos of a stuck truck on Baker Beach.

"Tow truck couldn't help and park police stopped by to give him a ticket," the witness wrote. "Wonder if they are still there."

"It actually breaks my heart."
Photo Credit: Reddit

One commenter noted there is a "huge parking lot" just "yards from the sea." Another labeled the family "tourons" and wrote a long paragraph of questions such as "who drives a street car on the beach?" Others enjoyed the schadenfreude. 

It can be satisfying when such a mishap befalls irresponsible and careless individuals. Notwithstanding the dangers that driving on the beach poses to humans, wildlife, and ecosystems, this particular event seemed tame.

Others, however, verge on deadly. In one shocking video, a parkgoer in Brazil captured fishers on the precipice of a raging waterfall. The Cool Down has documented additional beyond-concerning behavior, including people — even those with small children — getting far too close to animals or walking through restricted areas

But you don't have to endanger your life or others' to violate laws and common sense. Walking a dog and flying a drone are not allowed at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, for example.

Such rules are in place to protect us and our natural world. They ensure all visitors can enjoy a park, beach, or other scenic landscape without being interrupted by those who are committing acts of abuse or exploitation.

The protection of these places dates back 152 years, and they will be here long after we're gone — but it takes all of us to conserve them so they can be passed on unblemished to future generations.

"Hate this," one Redditor wrote. "Why are people so disrespectful at our beaches? I want to organize some beach cleans."

They continued: "It actually breaks my heart. Baker beach used to be really chill and there lots of birds and nature. Lately every time I go people are doing things that are so depressing."

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