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'Terrifying' video shows visitors risking their lives to fish atop national park waterfall: 'Watching this makes me nervous'

"If water levels surge…"

"If water levels surge…"

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This video is not for the faint of heart. It shows three people fishing atop a raging waterfall, which seems as if it could sweep them off the ledge at a moment's notice.

Tourons of National Parks (@touronsofnationalparks) shared the clip last week, and one commenter noted the scene unfolded at Parque Ecológico da Cachoeira do Urubu in Piauí, Brazil.

A caption on the video read, "Don't worry I'm going fishing with my cousin Jessé."

An ecotourism site noted the park preserves the area's natural beauty while allowing visitors to experience it. But it also warned that it was important to be careful and respect the environment.

The park was established in 1997, and entry is free. It covers 3,000 hectares and features the 12-meter (39-foot) Urubu Waterfall, which in summer draws king vultures to feed on fish that are trapped when the Longá River drops.

Tourists are allowed to enter the waters, though such activities are suggested for safer areas, natural pools, and the months of May to July when the current slows.

It appeared as if these adventuresome fishers could have traversed a rocky outcrop and climbed down to their spot. Perhaps a storm and resulting surge of water inundated the path they took.

No matter — they landed in a vulnerable position. While one stood with a rod in one hand as water thrashed their lower legs, two were seated in a relatively safer spot without much rushing water around them.

A rescue scenario was on the table even if they were able to stay atop their perch. That would endanger others and risk harming wildlife and the ecosystem as well.

Visitors to national parks should respect their surroundings as they take things in, enjoying and understanding the powers of our natural world. It's imperative to protect the environment and foster connections so that others, including future generations, can share similar experiences.

"'I know a spot,'" one commenter joked.

Another said: "Oof! Terrifying. If water levels surge…"

"Watching this makes me nervous," someone else wrote.

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