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This incredible high-tech trailer can charge 5 electric cars at once — and you can take it on the go with you

The Xos Hub 2.0 brings EV chargers where they're needed most — anywhere.

Xos, Mobile EV charging stations

Photo Credit: Xostrucks

SoCal commercial electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Xos, Inc has expanded its repertoire in the charging space with the introduction of its new and improved mobile charger. The second-generation Xos Hub is set to maximize user charging access around the country by bringing EV charging to its audience.

Xos entered the EV space initially focused on Class 5 to 8 commercial trucks — the company's flagship EV SVO5 Stepvans were purchased by companies such as FedEx Ground to expand their EV fleets, as Electrek reported. 

Now, Xos has transitioned to focusing on EV charging solutions, such as their DC chargers and Xos Hub trailer, under the new name "Xos Energy Solutions." 

The second-generation Xos Hub is a 16-foot hitch trailer — much shorter than its 28-foot predecessor — with five charging ports surrounding it. While the Xos Hub 2.0 is smaller, it still maintains its ability to charge five commercial or passenger EVs simultaneously. 

Additionally, with the inclusion of this new Hub charger, the output charging is set to increase from 25 kilowatts to 40 kilowatts, meaning faster charging times. While the improved Xos charging stations don't contain as much energy storage as their first-gen counterparts, they're still faster with a significantly smaller footprint.

Increased charging speed for commercial and passenger EVs was the biggest hurdle for Xos, Inc. Originally, Xos, Inc customers were faced with delays with the sparse access to chargers, along with decreased speed. Thankfully, the Xos Hub 2.0 brings their mobile chargers where they're most needed, allowing customers easy and quick access to charging, over-the-air update abilities, and merging with the Xosphere platform.

"We consistently hear from our customers that charging infrastructure remains the biggest barrier to taking delivery of our electric vehicles, so we're incredibly excited to introduce the new Xos Hub and provide an easy, available, and mobile solution for DC fast charging," Danny Marquez, director of Xos energy solutions and products, recently told Electrek. "The Hub is an ideal solution for fleets that will help alleviate infrastructure delays and accelerate widespread fleet electrification."

With the first unit of the charger in operation, the company showed the Xos Hub at the 2023 ACT Expo, as it reported on Instagram.

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