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Tesla owners are taking advantage of new feature on iPhone 15 Pro: 'Definitely gonna do this!'

"Step one: Get a Tesla."

“Step one: Get a Tesla.”

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A brand new feature on the iPhone 15 Pro is proving popular with Tesla owners, allowing them to control a couple of vehicle functions. 

As Business Insider detailed, the "action button" on the side of the new iPhone, which used to be the "ring/silent" button, can now be programmed to perform a number of commands that will be useful to drivers of the zero-tailpipe-pollution machines.

Among the actions the iPhone can perform for Tesla drivers are unlocking the car, opening the trunk, running the air conditioning, and opening the windows. 

To enable these possibilities, which also include activating the heated seats and heated steering wheel, iPhone users need to go to Settings, then Shortcuts, and then find the Tesla option. 

"Dope stuff! Definitely gonna do this!" said one commenter in a YouTube demonstration of the iPhone's capabilities from Renz Sadiwa (@renzsadiwa). 

"Dang that's cool!" said another. Elsewhere, one commenter might have been convinced to invest in the electric car. "Step one: Get a Tesla," they added. 

But among the reasons to buy a Tesla, a handy iPhone feature should be near the bottom of the list. 

The popular electric vehicles provide a welcome boost for clean travel. They produce no pollution while out on the road, meaning that no planet-harming gases — which contribute to global heating — are created by the cars while out and about. 

Electric cars also make a huge difference when it comes to air quality wherever you're driving. 

According to the American Lung Association, gasoline and diesel exhaust fumes contain particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide, which can all lead to respiratory and heart conditions or exacerbate existing health problems. 

So, while the iPhone feature is pretty handy, there are far better reasons for swapping an internal combustion engine vehicle for an electric one. 

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