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Tesla Cybertruck leaves rival pickup truck in the dust in drag race video: 'A new era of automotive performance'

"The Cybertruck is definitely the fastest pickup truck as of now!"

“The Cybertruck is definitely the fastest pickup truck as of now!"

Photo Credit: YouTube

When pitted head-to-head with rival Ford's electric F-150 Raptor R, Tesla's Cybertruck leaves the competition in the dust.

In a new video by carwow (@carwow), Tesla's new all-electric pickup truck was consistently faster than Ford's comparable vehicle. Several drag races — both standing quarter-mile and rolling races — showed that the Cybertruck beat the Raptor R in a battle of speed. 

If that's not enough, the Cybertruck also proved its speedy capabilities on dirt roads and pavements, where the Raptor R should have maintained a clear advantage over its competition. The Cybertruck still beat the Raptor despite its terrain disadvantage.

The Cybertruck is also cheaper than the Raptor R at its most expensive model — the former tops out at just under $100,000, whereas the Raptor R maxes out at just under $110,000, according to TeslaRati. The former has three electric motors capable of 845 horsepower, whereas the latter has a 5.2 liter V8 engine capable of 700 horsepower.

In other impressive videos, the Cybertruck has also shown off its offroading power, its automatic tonneau cover opening, and its acceleration capacity.

Users shared their excitement about the Cybertruck in the video's comment section. 

"The Cybertruck is definitely the fastest pickup truck as of now! It outperformed the other pickups in drag races and it even outperformed the raptor on the dirt road, which was just so epic!" one user wrote. 

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"The CyberTruck looks like it was made to be on Mars. Look at it beat the Raptor while riding on a dirt road! Carwowed," another user said.

"I was not expecting the CT to be so quick on dirt and beat the Raptor on bitumen; we are indeed in a new era of automotive performance," a third user commented.

Whether you're team Tesla or all for Ford, switching to an electric vehicle brings numerous short- and long-term benefits.

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