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'Oil-killing' EV battery sent to automakers as investment in oil declines: 'This marks another major milestone'

The promise of these types of power-storage units has been given another boost.

The promise of these types of power-storage units has been given another boost.

Photo Credit: Factorial

Solid-state battery technology is thought to be the next major breakthrough that could really spell the end for dirty-fuel-powered vehicles. 

These types of batteries have the potential to store almost twice the amount of power that lithium-ion batteries can, which would allow electric vehicles to travel much longer distances on a single charge — thus increasing customer confidence and encouraging potential takeup. 

The promise of these types of power-storage units has been given another boost with the news that Factorial Energy has sent a number of samples to car manufacturers for testing. 

"This marks another major milestone and demonstrates our progress towards commercialization," CEO of Factorial Energy Siyu Huang said in a statement, per Business Wire.

CleanTechnica described solid-state batteries as "oil killing." The article also noted that Factorial's announcement came the same week the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries said a gap in oil production investment might be on the way. 

While Factorial Energy's step closer to bringing solid-state batteries for vehicle use is undoubtedly good news, CleanTechnica noted that the automotive industry's reliance on petrochemicals will mean that dirty fuel will persist if demand doesn't dwindle. 

Meanwhile, the global supply of lithium will also be a challenge for the uptake and production of solid-state batteries, with the article reporting that these types of batteries need 35% more lithium for production than conventional ones. 

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector accounted for 29% of planet-warming gases released into the atmosphere in the country in 2021.

These gases trap heat in the atmosphere and encourage global temperatures to rise, leading to extreme weather events like drought, flooding, deadly storms, and wildfires

But electric cars produce zero tailpipe pollution, meaning they are much kinder to the environment and can reduce the rate of temperature increases.

Solid-state batteries, therefore, could be the death knell for dirty-fuel-powered vehicles. And Factorial's announcement is bringing that possibility one step closer.

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