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Chinese battery developer unveils new tech with 1,300-mile range that could revolutionize EVs: 'An important piece of the puzzle'

"It's easy to see what all the hype is about."

"It's easy to see what all the hype is about."

Photo Credit: Tailan New Energy

A 1,300-mile range should ease any worry among electric vehicle drivers about reaching their next destination on a single charge. 

But that mileage mark has so far been unattainable in common EVs. That may be about to change, however, because Beijing's Tailan New Energy has announced battery tech that it claims can deliver an astounding range.

The breakthrough comes in the form of an "automotive-grade, all solid-state" power pack, according to a press release from Tailan. It more than doubles the energy density of others on the market that boast a 620-mile range, equating to the far-reaching distance estimate noted by Electrek. 

"It's easy to see what all the hype is about," the online tech publication's Scooter Doll wrote about the innovation. 

The Tailan team seems to have improved nearly every key part of a battery in its lab. The invention is lighter, with advanced electrodes, to start with. Electrek reports that the battery sets standards for energy density. That's how much electricity can be stored in relation to the power pack's mass. 

In common battery chemistry, lithium ions move between the anode and cathode through a material called electrolyte, which can be a solid or a liquid. Solid versions are generally deemed safer, better-performing tech. That's why many recent innovations are solid-state batteries

Part of the Tailan science includes a "lithium-rich manganese-based material" in the cathode, along with a wide, thin lithium composite anode. A proprietary, high-performance electrolyte also boosts its capabilities. 

"It has comprehensively improved the … performance of the battery and is expected to fundamentally solve the problems of battery life and safety anxiety of traditional lithium-ion batteries," the Tailan press release states

Tailan was founded in 2018. Its "latest deal amount" was worth $13.9 million, according to data collector PitchBook

Now, if its researchers can reliably unlock 1,000-mile-plus range, it could put to bed one of the leading reasons people are hesitant to buy an EV — range anxiety. 

"Having the technology available to build vehicles with super long range is an important piece of the puzzle, particularly in situations where commercial viability is built around the loss of value or lost revenue/cost of the time spent charging," one reader commented on the Electrek story. 

Cox Automotive reports that U.S. EV sales growth has slowed. Though its experts still forecast 2024 to be the "best year ever" in the U.S., with sales equaling 10% of the market by the end of December. 

Our air freshens more and more as that percentage increases. Each EV on average prevents 10,000 pounds of harmful air pollution each year. EV drivers save up to $1,500 annually on gas and maintenance costs, and everyone benefits from the fresher atmosphere, as dirty particulates are linked to dementia and other severe health problems

Electrek and the Tailan press release didn't provide a specific time frame for when the powerful battery could be used in EVs, but there's certainly hype about the potential. 

"If the company is able to scale this technology large enough for consumer vehicles while keeping prices down, it could easily double the range of the farthest-driving EVs on the road today," Doll wrote for Electrek. 

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