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These remarkable 'solar trees' use AI to charge electric vehicles — and they might be the gas stations of the future

There's a new solution to common EV charging issues.

Solar trees, charge electric vehicles

Photo Credit: Solar Botanic Trees

There's a new solution to electric vehicle charging on the block –– sleek and elegant "solar trees" made by London-based SolarBotanic Trees. Its first mission? Powering EV charging stations. 

The company launched the prototype in September 2022, and its first-generation solar tree is set to be available in the next few months.

SolarBotanic developed these energy trees with a London-based business support program, Co-Innovate, utilizing academic and innovation resources from surrounding universities and facilities –– and it has impressive specs to show for it. 

The trees feature solar panels as a key design and functional element that act as the canopy of the trees. These panels absorb energy from the sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. That energy is then fed into the trees' AI-driven energy storage and management system, which both regulates and releases power.

So what sets these SolarBotanic Trees apart from other similar products? With the Smartflower, a massive daisy-shaped solar solution, currently on the market, it's important to discuss what makes the SolarBotanic Trees so exciting.

The SolarBotanic Trees have a technical and fiscal edge over the Smartflower. The Smartflower is comparable to a four-kilowatt system, while the SolarBotanic trees have a five-kilowatt capacity.

Another big advantage of the SolarBotanic Trees is the company's assurance that the product will be able to be sold at an affordable price point once it is mass produced, though the prices are not yet released.

The technological advancements and potential low price point of the SolarBotanic Trees are a big win for clean energy. With EV charging stations –– and other solar energy products –– becoming more available, consumers may find swapping out products that use dirty energy for clean energy alternatives easier.

With the company's early focus on EV charging for homes, businesses, and commercial parking areas, customers could improve the charging efficiency of their current electric vehicles. Perhaps even more exciting, customers who currently do not have EVs may make a change and say goodbye to gas stations. 

The SolarBotanic Trees are an effective, affordable solar energy and charging system with a stunning design –– what's not to love? Keep your eyes peeled for the official launch of these trees. They'll be here before you know it.

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