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TikToker shares wild video after stumbling upon the 'gas station of the future' in the middle of the desert: 'It's sooner than you think'

"The future is electric."

Gas station

In a viral video, TikTok user Jessica Clifton (@jess.cliftonn) shared footage of "the gas station of the future," highlighting what an electric vehicle (EV)-filled future could look like.

"In the middle of the desert and there's just rows and rows of Tesla chargers," Jess says in her clip. "It's so crazy! And then we have solar panels on top to charge the chargers."

@impactforgood_ Me 🤝 renewable energy #ecotok #eco #sustainablelifestyle #sustainable #ev #thefutureiselectric ♬ original sound - Jess - Sustainability

In her video, it looks like the majority of the roof of the gas station is completely made up of solar panels, renewable energy for two huge groups of EV chargers. There are several drivers already putting the charging stations to good use, taking a break in the middle of a desert road trip.

Jess had rented an electric car for a conference about efficient electricity, which brought her to the electric-focused station. In the comments, Jess shared her excitement about her discovery.

"It's projected that EVs will be the same price as gas cars by 2030 so IT'S SOONER THAN YOU THINK," she wrote in the comments. 

Evidence shows that EVs will be cheaper to manufacture within the next few years, meaning many more drivers may soon have access to chargeable cars. 

While this is an exciting step forward for electric and away from fossil fuel-powered cars, there are still some considerations when it comes to EVs, including the waste created by their batteries and ensuring efficient energy usage

Some commenters on TikTok addressed these questions, too.

"Gas isn't the way of the future, but I still just think of all the battery waste for electric cars," one commenter said. "I feel like there's gotta be an even better option."

Still, the more EV-centric gas stations there are, the better the infrastructure will be. For many drivers, access to chargers is a major roadblock in their decision to purchase an EV. 

As another commenter claimed, the gas station layout featured in Jess' video actually makes filling up easier for all road users, not just those with EVs. 

"This is the sort of chargers that I believe all e-stations should be (like Gas Stations) so that if you have a trailer, dont have to unhook," they wrote. 

"Maybe this is the modern-day gas station in a couple of years," Jess adds in her video. "The future is electric."

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