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The world's first-ever 'electric snow bike' is hitting slopes this winter — and it can drive up to 30 miles per hour

The Moonbike retails for around $11,500.

world's first-ever 'electric snowbike'

Photo Credit: Moonbike press kit

The first ever electric snow bike is sleek, fast, tons of fun, and most importantly — it's here. 

Made by a French company in collaboration with Bosch Marignier, the Moonbike, which was called "the birth of snowtech" by Forbes, will be making its debut in the Alps this year, according to Inhabitat.  

If you're wondering what this electric snow bike may look like, think snow bike meets snowmobile. 

The bike has a nice long saddle for riders to sit comfortably, skis in the front for mobility, and tractor treads in the back. At only 28 inches wide, it can hit speeds of up to 26 mph, has a battery life of three hours, and weighs just under 200 lbs, making it three times lighter than a snowmobile.

For avid snow enthusiasts looking to ride this electric snow bike for days on end, the Moonbike retails for around $11,500. For those who are wanting to try it out, or simply enjoy it seasonally, there's an exciting alternative to purchasing the bike.

The Moonbike has just been tested by experts from Austrian ski resorts and is now set to be made available for visitors at four Tyrolean ski results in the Austrian Alps. 

While the Moonbike will not be allowed to carve through the same slopes as skiers and snowboarders, it will be permitted in closed snow bike areas and on guided trails.

Mario Bicocchi, a bike rental company owner in Austria, told EuroNews that the bike is incredibly user-friendly and well-adapted for new riders to learn easily. 

"You need just five minutes until you get used to the snowbike, then you accustom yourself and soon you get smart – like on a motorbike, you must lie down in the curves and the more you lie down the more you have fun and find stability," he told the outlet. 

Bicocchi also said that due to the Moonbike's electric nature, it does not make noise or create exhaust fumes. This means that not only does the Moonbike provide a more pleasant, quiet, and enjoyable ride for users, it does so while lessening the environmental impact of motorized snow vehicles. 

In addition to being a more sustainable, more compact alternative electric snow vehicle, the Moonbike is an outright good time. According to TopGear, it's the most fun you can have on snow. 

If you're as eager as we are to see the Moonbike in action, you can find the product available online now, or make your way to a test site near you.

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