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These fully autonomous 'food delivery robots' can bring dinner straight to your doorstep — and they might be in your city soon

"The world's most efficient and neighborly robot."

Serve, Autonomous Robots to deliver food

Photo Credit: Serverobotics

It's been a long day. It's raining outside. You're tired, you're cozy, and … you're hungry. You pick up your phone and start flicking through menus. (Thank goodness we live in the digital age, and dinner is only a few button presses away at all times.)

But as the rain picks up outside, you might begin to wonder if it's the right call to send a delivery person out into a storm like this. You're not the first one to have faced this dilemma, but if Serve Robotics has its way, the question will one day be a thing of the past.

What is Serve Robotics?

Serve is "the future of self-driving delivery," aiming to increase affordability, sustainability, and convenience in the delivery industry. 

The company has launched sidewalk-traveling, all-electric robots that can complete end-to-end commercial deliveries — without a human delivery person ever having to step foot outside.

There are other devices on the market, such as Kiwibot and Coco, but they rely on remote operation to function. 

Serve is the first delivery bot to arrive on the scene with fully autonomous capabilities. It's called "Level 4 autonomy" and that means as long as certain conditions are met, the system can take care of business on its own.

Your (Earth) friendly neighborhood robot

Serve sees its robots as a huge opportunity — for humans and the Earth. These fully-electric vehicles take cars off the road, cutting traffic and decreasing pollution. 

Each bot is equipped with active sensors, cameras, and fail-safe emergency breaks to stay safe on the road. The company has already rolled out in some neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Get involved

Want to support Serve in its mission to bring "the world's most efficient and neighborly robot" to your hometown? The company is not only reinventing delivery, but it's also building it on community investment.

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