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State completes construction of first-of-its-kind wind farm to power 70,000 homes, businesses

"It's great to be first; we want to make sure we're not the last."

"It's great to be first; we want to make sure we're not the last."

Photo Credit: South Fork Wind

Imagine powering your home with clean, renewable energy, sourced from the winds whipping off the coast of Long Island. For 70,000 New Yorkers, that's now a reality — the state's first offshore wind farm is up and running, according to Bloomberg. 

South Fork Wind, located about 35 miles east of Long Island, is made up of 12 turbines that together can generate 132 megawatts of electricity. That's enough to power 70,000 homes and businesses with pollution-free energy.

The project, a joint effort between Orsted AS and Eversource Energy, marks a major milestone. It's the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm to be completed in the United States. Other states in the Northeast, like Massachusetts, are also betting big on offshore wind to help meet their clean energy goals.

For everyday Long Islanders, having this renewable energy source in their backyards means more than just a cleaner environment — it means saving money on energy costs. As more wind farms come online, New Yorkers can look forward to increasingly affordable electricity rates.

Transitioning to clean energy sources like offshore wind won't just benefit our bank accounts. By reducing our reliance on dirty energy sources, we can all breathe easier knowing we're doing our part to build a safer, healthier future for our communities.

"It's great to be first; we want to make sure we're not the last," New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said, according to the Associated Press. "That's why we're showing other states how it can be done, why we're moving forward, on to other projects."

The growth of the U.S. offshore wind industry hasn't been without challenges, from rising costs to supply-chain headaches. But South Fork Wind's success shows that when we invest in renewable energy, everybody wins.

Here's to many more offshore wind projects on the horizon.

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